Wide Width Plank Hardwood Flooring Milford MI

December 27th, 2019

Wide width pland hardwood flooring Milford MIHardwood flooring can really increase the value of your home in Milford. Most people these days are looking for hardwood flooring in homes and here we have a home in Milford that wanted a new hardwood floor installed in their kitchen, dining room, hall and foyer.

We removed the old vinyl flooring and after preping the base floor, we installed a new oak hardwood floor. This particular hardwood floor is a solid 3/4" thick, 3 1/4" wide red oak flooring in select and better grade of hardwood. Select and better has a fine grain and few if any knots. Once this unfinished oak floor was installed, we sanded it down and applied a classic gray stain with 3 coats of an oil based hardwood floor finish. This is a very durable finish and will hold up for years. We can install a new hardwood floor in your home for a very competitive price! 

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