Hardwood Floor Installation Job in Milford MI

October 4th, 2019

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Milford MIAnother Milford home where the consumer wanted to change out her existing carpet in her bedroom to a brand new hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring adds so much value to the home that we are seeing a rather large uptick in hardwood flooring being installed in bedrooms. Hardwood flooring in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are faily common but now consumers are starting to install hardwood flooring in their bedrooms.

This bedroom in Milford originally had carpet installed but had really worn out through the years and needed to be replaced. This consumer decided to replace it with 2 1/4" red oak strip plank. She chose 2 1/4" wide plank to match the existing hardwood in other rooms in her home. Once this hardwood was installed, we sanded it down and stained it English Chestnut stain. We can custom stain these hardwood floors to your preferences or to match your existing hardwood in other rooms. Once the stain dried, we then applied 3 coats of a high quality oil base floor finish and here are the results.

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